Team Password Manager made for Google G Suite

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Works like your Google Apps

It’s easy! Sign in with your Google Account just like to your Gmail. Sharing records with your team is as easy as sharing files on Google Drive.

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Get control of your sensitive information

Bring together logins, codes, bank credentials, and other sensitive records in one place. Control access to records per user or per group.

Data protection by design

Passwd is not a service hosted by us. It is a cloud software you install and host on your private Google Cloud Platform - we guide you during the process, no skills required. You are the owner of your data, all encrypted by the powerful Google Key Management Service.

About Google KMS
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Why have we created passwd?

“We at Ackee don’t like to trust our passwords to 3rd party web services. Even though the service claims they have the best security, you still store your passwords in a database which is controlled by someone else.

This is not the case with passwd. You host your passwd. It’s the same as saving a file on your Google Drive – only you can access it.”


Josef Gattermayer

Co-founder, CIO at Ackee


“Managing access was our great concern, but now I know our confidential information is safe and always ready to hand. I appreciate that all our records are stored in our own database on Google Cloud, we don't need to manage any servers.”


Štěpán Heller

Co-founder at Digital Ants

“The installation was really smooth and simple. Passwd makes our collaboration much more secure and efficient. No more stray passwords or forgotten team logins.”


Jakub Goldmann

Co-founder at Švejda-Goldman


180 USD / installation per organisation, billed once.
Includes one year of free updates and basic support.
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Priority Support & Updates

20 USD / month per organisation, billed monthly (optional).
Priority support 24/7 included.
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