Demo vs. Free Tier vs. Passwd

We offer 3 different plans. Two of them are free of charge, one is not. Single users can try the Demo and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) admins may go for the Free Tier with their team. Free of charge, for as long as they like. Both of these options are here for you to try if Passwd is the right team password manager for you. Neither of them, however, offers the full protection of Passwd. Learn about the other differences and similarities.

Which should I use?

If you want to try Passwd, you’re alone and you’re not a Google Workspace administrator, go for the Demo. Or you have a team and are a Workspace administrator? Then use the Free Tier. And, finally, if you want a GDPR / SOC 2 compliant team password manager, choose Passwd, which is installed to your private Google Cloud Platform account.

User Experience

The user experience of all the plans is the same. We want to give you the opportunity to try Passwd with all the features it offers. No usability obstacles you might know from the free accounts of other services.

Sign in

You can sign in to all the accounts using your Google account. This makes all of them well protected and comfortable to use.

Guarantee & Support

We offer the Demo and Free Tier plans to provide you with a free and unlimited solution for your password management. We cannot, however, guarantee anything or be responsible for any accidents, since the service does not meet our standards as regards architecture (see below). From the legal point of view, you should not store any real credentials in the Demo or Free Tier, because they do not comply neither with the GDPR nor the SOC 2 regulations.


With the Demo and Free Tier plans, you’re not using Passwd to its full potential, because all the data are stored on our servers. We designed the architecture of Passwd to provide maximum security and to give you complete control over your data. For this reason, your Passwd account is hosted on your own Google Cloud Platform, meaning you are the only host and owner of your data. Only Passwd is the ultimate privacy, security and confidentiality solution for team password management. Learn more about the Passwd architecture.

Why buy Passwd?

If you buy Passwd, you’ll become the only host and owner of your confidential information, because its architecture leaves no room for a 3rd party. With Passwd, you regain internet privacy and control of your passwords. You also always get the latest updates, and free support.

Honestly, we can never see your data, no matter if you pay us or not. But why should you trust anyone on the internet? Buy Passwd and store everything on your own cloud. Hand over your data to the person you trust the most. You.

How to install Demo, Free Tier and Passwd?

You can install the Demo and Free Tier on Google Market Place.

Due to security reasons, the installation of full Passwd after purchase is done with the assistance of our administrators. You can read more about the process here.

To learn how to install Passwd to your home screen (desktop or phone) read this article.

Buy Passwd to use it to its full potential. Learn more about the Passwd installation to your GCP.