Our pricing model explained

How do the pricing tiers work?

Our pricing structure revolves around the number of users within your Google Workspace, granting full access to Passwd for each individual user.

The amount of users is automatically synchronized and kept up to date. Notifications will be sent out via email as you approach 90% of your tier’s user capacity. Additionally, any transitions between tiers, whether upgrades or downgrades, will be communicated through email notifications.

Where can we verify the number of our users in Passwd?

Verifying user count is a simple process. For administrators, a simple login to your Google Workspace admin console reveals the information on the dashboard under “active users.”

Why does it work this way?

All Google Workspace users are also Passwd users, this is part of the simplicity of our solution. No additional administrative steps are required on your part; everything functions right away.

If we were to base our pricing on the number of people actively using Passwd, it would mean that the cost might go up whenever someone logs into Passwd. We think that would not really be the best approach.

Therefore, the most sensible choice was to set the price based on how many users have Google Workspace accounts. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that our prices are much lower than what our competitors offer, so this change shouldn’t be a major concern.