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Can password managers get hacked?

Do you have any concerns about the security of your team’s passwords? Should you use a team password manager? Are team password managers safe to use? So many questions. Let’s eliminate the myths. In fact, some password managers have been the victim of security incidents in the past, but not all team password managers are equal.

Passwd is a team password manager that has the best security architecture to protect valuable data. We know that keeping your team’s personal data private is of paramount importance. This has led us to develop a password manager that provides unprecedented levels of security above and beyond those required by the industry. Not only it remembers all your team’s passwords, it can also fill them for you, so you really don’t need to think about it all the time.

How is our architecture different?

Passwd is connected to and integrated into your Google Workspace, so you only need to login to your Google Account before the magic happens. This process is not only easy, but it’s also secure and stored in your own Google Cloud. Your sensitive data is not accessible to anyone but you and your team. In a single place, bring your logins, codes, bank credentials and other relevant data together. Simple team password manager that’s easy to use and exactly for your needs. You can also determine who should be granted access to this data and whom you will share it with. Short of that, your data is encrypted with Google Key Management Service. And we’re very much less expensive, too. We also offer a demo account, so feel free to try it yourself!

Bug bounty program

We’re so sure of our security, that we put out a bounty program for Ethical Hackers. Are you up for a challenge?