Install guide

Passwd is easy to install now

One of the best news about Passwd is how easy it is to install. In just three simple steps, you can have Passwd up and running with your Google Workspace

Step 1: Client Side (10 minutes) 

The first step is on your side. You just need to set up some initial things and then we will guide you through Google Cloud project settings. 

Step 2: Our Side (Maximum of 24 hours)

In the second step, we will proceed with our steps. After you have created your account, our team will take over to ensure that your Passwd installation is properly configured at your Google cloud. This step usually takes less than 24 hours and you will receive an email confirmation when your installation is complete.

Step 3: Client Side (5 minutes)

The final step is on the client’s side again. Once you receive confirmation that your Passwd installation is complete, simply follow the link in email.

We need to set up your o-Auth access so Passwd can access admin API and load your workspace users to Passwd.

And it’s done. Easy.