How to have Passwd installed to your G Suite

You’re thinking about getting Passwd but you want to learn more about the installation first? It’s straightforward and undemanding. You definitely don’t need an IT person to do this. In this text, you’ll learn how to install Passwd to your G Suite. All it takes are three and a half simple steps. We also include basic information about Google services.

1 Provide G Suite Admin E-mail

G Suite is the Google service you use every day when writing emails, editing documents, or sharing files. Put simply, G Suite is the paid version of Gmail for companies. If you have an email address with your domain (it reads something like [email protected]), it’s G Suite. Regular free Gmail accounts do not have an administrator and Passwd does not work with them.

We’ll need to know your G Suite Administrator Email, since Passwd uses the address as your impersonation email. You can visit Google’s Who is my administrator page to find out who your admin is.

2 Have Passwd installed

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides technological tools: servers, storages, databases, and analytical tools. GCP is required because it is the key part of Passwd architecture. If you use G Suite, you can have Google Cloud Platform.

In a web GCP console, you’ll create a new project for Passwd. You’ll invite our installation admin. Our installation admin will install Passwd for you. After they’ve finished, you’ll simply revoke the access. From that point on, Passwd is completely under your control.

3 Connect G Suite with Passwd

You’ll connect Passwd with G Suite by adding one item in G Suite web admin interface. This enables Passwd to use your G Suite Groups.

4 That’s it!

You’re ready to store your passwords safely! But since we hold security paramount, we recommend that as the last step you once again check that our access was revoked and our installation admin is no longer in your project. 

In case you do need help, we’ll be in touch and ready to assist. You can contact us anytime.

And by the way, you can install Passwd to your desktop or phone as a Progressive Web App. Learn how!

Try the demo a get Passwd here.