Why do nonprofits need a team password manager?

Nonprofits are an important part of our societies, because they often provide help to those in need. So are educational institutions, because they spread knowledge and enable us to understand the world around us better. Unfortunately, they can too become a vulnerable target if they don’t pay sufficient attention to their cybersecurity.

What threats are there?

Just like individuals and commercial organizations, nonprofits are threatened by password leaks. Especially if they use simple passwords, reuse their passwords or store them unencrypted. If someone gets possession of your passwords, they can steal your cyberidentity within minutes without your knowledge. Apart from your accounts, you can also lose considerable amounts of money. But there is a solution.

How does a password manager help you?

Generally, password managers address all the issues above. They generate reliable passwords using long strings of various character types, making your accounts difficult to break into. Password managers also prevent anxiety experienced by people who are required to remember an excessive number of passwords, also called password fatigue. Last but not least, they store your passwords encrypted, making them nearly impossible to crack in case of leak.

Why should nonprofits use passwords managers?

We’ve already blogged about the differences between passwords managers for individuals and teams here. Let’s revise it briefly. You know it’s quite difficult to handle your personal passwords. A native password manager can help, but it’s of no use when it comes to teams. Managing passwords of a whole team can even become dangerous when you consider how much is at stake. The worst thing teams can do with their passwords is to pass them around in an excel spreadsheet. 

In Passwd, you can store and share any kind of confidential data such as login details, bank credentials or simply some secret information. Using your existing Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) groups, you can also grant access to not only to individuals but to groups of people as well.

Discount for nonprofits and educational institutions

We truly appreciate what nonprofit organizations and educational institutions do for the society. Although words of appreciation is a nice encouragement, we think a discount is a more palpable and appropriate way to help.

We offer a 50% discount to all nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. If you want to apply for it, please write us an email to passwd@passwd.team.

In case you want to try Passwd for free with your, install our Free Tier via Google Marketplace.

Watch the video below to learn more.