5 reasons why your startup needs a team password manager

It is generally well known that people use a single password for several services. Although it may be convenient, such practise is dangerous for your cyber security. And even more so with teams and startups. It can pose a threat not only to your accounts and money, but to your startup in general. For those who care about their business, password managers are a perfect prevention.

So how does a good team password manager help your startup?

1 You can focus on your startup

Without having to remember long und unique passwords for each account, you can focus more on your business. The same applies to access management. Once you set the access based on your Google Workspace groups, everyone sees what they’re supposed to see. That way, you don’t need to spend your valuable time sharing passwords via insecure instant messaging service or sheets.

2 You can enforce strong passwords

Even though you trust your team as regards their work, discipline and creativity, you might be a little concerned about the way they choose and store their passwords. In a password manager, you can check the strength of their passwords and generate a stronger one, if you think it’s not sufficient.

3 It prevents leak threats

It has probably happened to you in the past that one of your personal passwords leaked. If you don’t know, you can check it at HaveIBeenPwned. If you use a unique password for each service, you provide against the cascade account breach that may follow any such breach.

4 It simplifies onboarding process

Anytime a new member of your organization is onboarding, you simply add them to your password manager and provide them with access to those passwords โ€“ and any other sensitive details โ€“ they need. Revoking the access is as easy.

5 It helps you grow seamlessly

Passwd grows with your business. We offer unlimited number of users. Hence, the price you pay for the service doesn’t grow every time you welcome a new team member. Besides, Passwd accounts mirror the users of your Google Workspace, which makes the growing and onboarding process even smarter.

Startup cyber security simplified

If you want your startup to be safe right from the beginning, use a team password manager. You’ll save yourself some trouble regarding password breaches and you can streamline your onboarding (or offboarding) processes. If you choose Passwd, the number of your team members will be unlimited for good, and you won’t have to worry about people coming or going. In any case, your password management will become simpler and safer.

In case you want to try Passwd for free with your team, install our Free Tier via Google Marketplace.

Watch the video below to learn more about Passwd.