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The Best Team Password Manager for Startups using Google Workspace

Keep your startup secure and efficient with our password manager tool. It securely stores all your team's passwords on Google Cloud and auto-fills them when needed.

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Passwd is cost-effective and scalable for startups

  • LastPass$240 / měsícUšetřete 2 091$ ročně s Passwd
  • 1Password$392 / měsícUšetřete 3 908$ ročně s Passwd
  • Passwd$65,83 / měsícVaše nejlepší volba

Use it as seamlessly as your Google Apps

All users and groups are synced

Passwd connects to your Google Workspace and all your users and groups are synced, no time wasted. With every other password manager you have to go through the tedious process of inviting all your colleagues, creating groups and setting everything up.

Your Google Workspace

Easy login for coworkers via Google account

Your coworkers can login via their Google Account just like they do into Gmail. You can share records with them as easily as you share files on Google Drive.

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