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Users & teams

How do I manage users and teams?

To manage Passwd groups, go to your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account group management.

How do I change admins?

Passwd uses your Google Workspace team structure, including the admins. For security reasons, you can’t change your admins in your Google Workspace, but in your Google Cloud Platform database. Learn how.

Is there a limit on the number of users and teams in my Passwd?

No, you can share your records with as many individuals and teams as you like.

Who can access my records?

Only those with permissions. You can grant access rights to individuals and teams based on your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

Can I share my records with people who are not in my Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) organisation?

No, it’s a security feature that prevents your passwords leaking from your organisation.

What is a whitelist?

Whitelist enables you to grant access rights to individual users. Using whitelist, you can override group-based permissions.