Autofill only role

Big teams with a lot of roles and levels of access in the team. That’s what Passwd can handle. Do you need to give access to someone in your team but you don’t want them to know actual passwords? You can do it now with the “autofill only” role. All you need is browser extension.

Disclaimer: Security is limited with autofill only role. Some password inputs give users option to show the password. Also tech savvy users can use the network tab in browsers to view the communication from Passwd API and copy the plain text password from there. By nature of technologies these use cases cannot be prevented.

Just pick the role “autofill only” at Passwd administration (record settings) and you’re ready to go. 

You can assign this role to specific users, whole teams or teams mixed with whitelisted users. 

You can also set “autofill only” as the default role for everyone. It is that easy. From now on, the Passwd browser extension will only autofill credentials for users with this role without being able to see the actual password.