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Time based one time password (2FA)

You know how annoying rewriting one time codes on your own is. Luckily with Passwd you no longer need to rewrite (2FA) two factor authentication codes yourself. We made a new feature that solves this problem for you. You just need to set it up in your administration and you’re ready to fill and share one-time passwords securely.

You only need to fill a secret key provided by your service that is using one time passwords for 2FA to your record settings. The secret key will be encrypted and saved, no one will be no longer able to see the actual secret key (for your convenience it will be available in the export).

After saving your secret to your record, you will see only your 2FA code which you can share with your team.

You can also see the validity of your 2FA code (one time password). After validity expires, new code will be generated.