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Security audit


Passwd does not only help you to share your team passwords but it helps to keep your credentials secure as much as possible. We have a security audit section where you can find the following features that helps to prevent breaching your accounts.

Password security level

One of the most important things is to have your passwords complex and unique so Passwd can tell you how strong your passwords are. We’re watching several criterias like length, special symbols, patterns and sequences, then dividing passwords to following categories:

Extra weak




Extra strong

(Every criteria is watched and evaluated locally at your own Passwd)

Password age

As hackers are getting better in time, your passwords are getting worse. It’s very important to keep your passwords “fresh” and change them from time to time.

Passwd can tell you how old your passwords are and tell you to change your password to prevent breaches. Password age is measured since your password is created or saved at Passwd.

Leaked passwords

If you’re using same or similar passwords for multiple services there is a huge chance that your passwords can be breached on service A and be used to penetrate your service B. Password is constantly watching if some of your passwords are not contained in some known password leaks. We create password fingerprints via hashing and compare it to leak databases using Have I Been Pwned V2 API.