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Is Passwd safe?

Yes. Our team holds security paramount. We never save your credentials in plaintext, they are always encrypted following the highest security standards thanks to Google Cloud Key Management Service.

Is Passwd GDPR and SOC 2 compliant?

Yes, Passwd complies with the GDPR as well as SOC 2 requirements, since it runs on the Google Cloud Platform of the user. Read more about how Google treats compliance with GDPR and SOC 2.

Does not apply to the Demo and Free Tier plans.

Where is my data stored?

If you use Passwd, all your confidential information is stored on your Google Cloud Platform account, a service trusted by millions world-wide. No one except you has access to your Google Cloud Platform.

Does not apply to the Demo and Free Tier plans.

Can Passwd administrators or developers see my records?

No. Your sensitive information is encrypted and stored in your own database. We can’t access it, nor can anyone else. Except you. And it’s still encrypted.

Does Passwd provide Two Factor Authentication?

You use your Google account to log in to Passwd. We highly recommend that you use two factor authentication in your Google account.

Can I use Passwd without a Google account?

No. Passwd works exclusively with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) accounts + Google Cloud Platform.