Why switch from Free Tier to Passwd?

Are you satisfied with the Free Tier and think about switching to Passwd, but want to be 100% sure it’s a good decision? Let’s have a look at the some of the advantages of Passwd, superior security being the most important one.

So what are the benefits of buying Passwd?

+ Your data on your cloud

Many password managers services, including our Free Tier, store your sensitive data on their servers. Passwd, on the other hand, lets you store your data on your own Google Cloud Platform. That means there are no other clients sharing your Google Compute instances with you. What’s more, there is no 3rd party (not even us) between you and your confidential information. You can make sure during the installation process when setting up your Google Cloud Platform.

Free Tier servers are managed by our company Ackee. Read this if you want to learn more about Passwd architecture.

+ GDPR and SOC2 compliant

Unlike the Free Tier, Passwd complies with the GDPR and SOC 2 requirements by design, since it’s connected to the Google infrastructure. Besides, Passwd encryption and decryption is managed by the industry-leading Google Cloud Key Management Service

From the legal point of view, you should not store any real passwords in the Free Tier

+ Priority support

We care about our customers from the beginning. We help you with the installation, but we are ready to help you any time you’re in trouble. 

+ No ads

And, of course, in Passwd, there are no ads, no pop ups and bars, which sometimes might annoy you in the Free Tier.

Summary: Free Tier or Passwd?

The most important differences between the Free Tier and Passwd summarized in a table.

Feature Free Tier Passwd
Data storage Servers managed by Ackee shared with other Free Tier users Your own Google Cloud
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Number of records Unlimited Unlimited
GDPR compliant โŒ โœ…
SOC 2 compliant โŒ โœ…
Priority support โŒ โœ…
No ads โŒ โœ…

Buy Passwd to use it to its full potential.