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Frequently Asked Questions

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Starting with Passwd

What is Passwd?

Passwd is a team password manager that safeguards all your credentials in one secure place. Watch the video below to learn more!

Why should I use Passwd?

Passwd makes team collaboration easier and improves security of your sensitive records. You don’t have to store confidential records in documents, and you don’t have to always ask your colleagues for team credentials and wait for their response. Plus you can easily control who can access each record.

How do I get started with Passwd?

Getting started with Passwd is easy. The installation is swift and simple, and we will help you with the set-up process. Be aware, however, that you’re going to need Google Workspace account running on your domain + Google Cloud Platform account. And please be ready to do some basic setup.

Do you want to try it first? Choose the Demo if you’re a single user or go for the Free Tier with your team. Read about the differences between our plans. Or buy Passwd now for full internet security! Due to security reasons, the installation of full Passwd after purchase is done with the assistance of our administrators. You can read more about the process here.

Does Passwd replace my browser auto-fill password manager?

That´s up to you. You can stick to your own personal password manager, or use Passwd Autofill Browser Externsion. Learn how it works!

Do I need my own server to run Passwd?

No. All you need is Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for your domain + Google Cloud Platform. Or try our Free Tier.

Do I have Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)?

If you use Gmail with your company domain, you do.

Does Passwd offer a free trial?

Yes! Try the Demo if you are a single user, or go for the Free Tier with your team. No credit card needed!